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Classes are limited to a small group of 4 clients per class to achieve the best results for our clients.

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Location. 31 Roth Lane, Ninderry, QLD, 4561

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Joy of Pilates at Energy Pilates Studio.

Pilates literally changed my life.

When I started Pilates I realised how weak and unstable I was in my body, ultimately in my mind.

Coming to classes regularly brought the awareness to how I can improve my body and life in general.

It was never easy and my mind never really wanted to get up early in the morning and take myself to class, but I knew as soon as I started the class I will feel better and happier within my body and about myself.

Pilates taught me Discipline and Full commitment to something in my life instead of hopping and changing from one activity to the other.

I started to notice the changes around me not long after I decided that it is what I am going to explore, learn to the best of my abilities and show up to class no matter how I feel or what the weather is or what someone thinks about it.

I met amazing people at that time who helped me on this journey which would never be accomplished without their knowledge, patience and inspiration. Tracey Nicholson from Tensegrity Studio, Carla Mullins from Body Organics, Philippa Ball from Oxygen Pilates, Tania Winter from Studio Pilates, Karen from My Soul Pilates, Sarah from Pure Pilates, Bernie from Bern Pilates just a few names who influenced and inspired me on my journey.

Feeling strong within my body and mind means a lot to me. I know that now I can be of greater use to my family and awesome clients who followed my steps to learn and transform their health and lives.

Today I am fulled with tremendous joy,

to meet many people around me who can benefit from my knowledge and get inspired to be a better version of them selves with Pilates system.

This absolutely blows me away to see how much impact it created to the people around me.

I can see so much more freedom in our clients bodies who couldn't even do the basic exercises at the beginning.

I can see the mind and the tight restricted chest can finally breath to full capacity.

I am amazed on the awareness about their bodies and posture it brings to our clients practicing Pilates.

I can see and hear that clients tell me they feel taller, freer in their bodies after each session.

I always love to see increased mobility in students through very tight hips or backs.

People tell me that they never have being as fit until they discovered Pilates.

See the joy on my clients faces and beautiful movements in their bodies and less restricted minds with fear makes me the happiest person on earth.

I can just say keep going everyone you will be amazed at the incredible transformation to come with regular practice and if you have never done Pilates before this is the time for you now.

It is never too late and you are never too old to enjoy the fabulous practice of Pilates.