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Importance of regular Maintenance with Massage & Bowen.

Dear clients,I hope you are all well and doing amazing things with your life.

I just wanted to remind you how Natural Therapy treatments:

Massage and Bowen can help you.

1. Maintenance with Massage and Bowen therapy supports you with your current training to perform well and recover quickly.

2. It helps blood flow and circulation which carries oxygen to stressed/ tight/ deprived muscles and ligaments from over and under work or existing injuries to increase the recovery process.

3. Massage/Bowen assist the excretion of waist from cells that adjusts the body balance.

4. This allows oxygen and nutrients to reach all parts within the body, in a detoxed and cleaner environment.

5. It helps with deep relaxation of an overstimulated nervous system in our often busy lives and helps to maintain the best healthy version of you.

6. By focusing on trouble areas to release facia (body connective tissue) and promote faster healing.

7. Massage and Bowen can assist to improve mobility and give symptom relief from injury, stress and repetitive strain.

If you haven’t tried Massage or Bowen, now is the time.

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