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Cancelation - Change of class: 24 hours notification required. Full class fee will be charged for a Late cancellation.

No refund on prepaid Specials, must be used in term frames

Classes are limited to a small group of 4 clients per class to achieve the best results for our clients.

Contact / Location

Open Hours. 6 am – 5 pm, Mon - Fri, Sat 6 am-10 am 

Bookings Ph. 0403 325 785


Location. 31 Roth Lane, Ninderry, QLD, 4561

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Energy Pilates Studio, Ninderry, Sunshine Coast

Be Inspired by Pilates.

Move to feel Better!

Adding a regular movement practice to your life will uplift you and those around you.

Our classes are designed for all ages and fitness levels.

Pilates enhances the recovery process of common injuries and conditions as well as it supports advanced sports and training.

Pilates methods for rehabilitation can restore a range of motion and strength in the safe, non-weight bearing environment to reduce pain and improve functionally, allowing a faster return to pre-injured activity.

We train and educate our clients to learn about their own bodies and to use the most beneficial movements of correct body mechanics with good postural alignment to move free of tension and pain.

Energy Pilates Studio, Ninderry, Sunshine Coast
"When you learn your resources of something the body can do with efficiency it will do that first." L.Gilbert

How can we help:

Your body should move with ease, with our friction and without overworking hard.

With qualified assistance of our Pilates Instructor you are supported on your journey to stay Healthy, Mobile, Flexible and Become a stronger You.

We help to uplift you by educating the efficient Biomechanics of movement to Live and feel Great.

We assist you to Stay Healthy and Joyful while practicing Pilates with whatever challenge comes your way.

"You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream!" C. Lewis
Be Inspired to Move,

to Live Well,

to Enjoy more.

Make the change that you Deserve!