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Bowen Therapy

State of Art Healing Technique.

Every condition could be addressed by this technique: Back pain, neck, frozen shoulder, knee problems, sports injuries, tennis elbow, migraines, back and lower limb problems, pregnant women, the frail and the elderly.

In this blog post we’ll tell you how you can manage your conditions with Bowen Therapy.

How to help yourself without drugs and the side effects to retrieve the cellular memory of your body into the preferred balanced way of being.

With Bowen Treatment it is the easiest way to help your body to reset the misalignments from injuries, release tension of tight muscles and joints.

The Unique skill of the Bowen practitioner is having a "tissue sense" to discern stress build up in the soft tissues and perform specific moves to assist recovery.

How can Bowen help:

Bowen Therapy seems to reactivate the recovery process in situations where healing from trauma, sickness and surgery has stalled or reached a plateau.

Bowen addresses the entire Body by restoring balance via Nervous system shifting to preferred Rest, Relax and Repair mode.

Bowen treatment stimulates the body by switching on the messages delivered to the brain and muscles with each procedure.