Classes Timetable

6:00 AM   Pilates Studio   Pilates Studio  Pilates Studio  Pilates Studio  Pilates Studio
7:00 AM   Pilates Studio  Pilates Studio  Pilates Studio By Appointment   Pilates Studio
8:00 AM By Appointment

Pilates Studio

By Appointment    By Appointment
9:00 AM Pilates Studio    By Appointment  By Appointment  By Appointment
 4:30 PM    Pilates Studio      
  • All our classes are Pilates Studio Classes using Pilates Health Equipment for  individual and best result of your prescribed program.
  • Health Fund Rebates Bowen/Pilates
  • Please note it is essential that you book each class at the Energy Pilates Studio, please call, text or email. 
  • Minimum 24 hours cancellation notice required to re-book someone else on your spot.